Embark on a Journey to Empowerment


"It was 2:30 in the morning and the house was still, my parents were asleep upstairs in separate but adjacent rooms. They hadn't slept together for years. My father had not been sleeping well; he was upset that something was going on with me and was on high alert. From the outside they appeared like a normal, happy couple. Little did their friends know that what was happening inside their house was horrific..."

"Our Time" shares the true story of a harrowing journey full of deception, fear, violence, control and abuse. No one knew about the abuse Tammy Stamps suffered until she escaped at 3:00 a.m. on September 4, 2004, with nothing but a bag of clothes and her dog.

After walking down a country road, she waited in a ditch for a friend to pick her up in the early morning darkness. Like many, Tammy believed that if she just left her abuse situation, she would be okay. She soon found out that first step was just the beginning of a long journey. Ahead of her lay pain, betrayal and finally...healing.


US Team Taekwondo Alternate and Medalist Tammy Stamps survived 43 years of abuse at the hands of her father. No one knew what was happening outside of the ring as she was threatened into silence. The secret was kept until she escaped on September 4, 2004. Experience her journey from suicidal tendencies to elite athlete and finally to freedom. If you want to be inspired and empowered, this is the book for you.