Hear Tammy Speak in Person

Inspirational, Empowering and Real

As an abuse survivor, Tammy's passion is empowering others to overcome life's challenges, to succeed at everything they undertake and to see the best in themselves. By telling her story, Tammy inspires others to stand and use their voice, thus beginning their journey to healing.

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How can Tammy's speaking services help you?

Tammy's talks help people transition from victims to survivors. She does this by sharing these truths:

  • You own your story. Others may believe you're sharing your story to hurt someone. But it is your truth, your experience, your struggles and your life.
  • You can overcome your past. Your suffering is not who you are. You can create the future you want, no matter what you've been through.
  • You didn't deserve it. Those of us who were abused as children often believe we caused others to hurt us. As adults, we can now embrace the truth that it was never our fault.

Some days, you may need to take things one breath at a time. Just keep breathing.

For more insight on Tammy Stamps' story "Our Time", you can order her book through this site or you can order an E-Book on Amazon.