Today, I find myself feeling gratitude for all that surrounds me...another breath, another chance to do better, another moment to cherish. I logged on to my website this weekend to make a few changes and logged off feeling proud of myself, until I wanted to share the site with someone hours later only to realize that I did something to make my site crash! I decided to let the frustration go and hope that it all happened for a better purpose. I have a couple of national interviews airing this week and wasn't sure the site would be or could be repaired in time. When I awoke this morning, something told me it was going to be ok.

After sending emails out to a couple of my website saviors, it was fixed and actually better than it was before. I heard this one day and it stuck with me:

"Write down everything you are worried or stressed about on a post-it note and put it in a shoebox. Do this for a year. After the year has passed, open the box and go through your post-it notes of everything that gave you anxiety and you will realize that about 90% of the things that had stressed you out, resolved themselves without you."

This proves that there are a few big things we need to worry about, some things we can or cannot control or impact and it also made me aware of the knots in the stomach and the sleepless nights that were self-induced over nothing., I sit here grateful that I "let it go" and that this particular post-it note was not needed. I am grateful for those who know better than I how to do a website, for a day filled with love, a night filled with sleep and a stomach filled with peace. Don't let your mind get the best of you! Peace...