Today's topic is "courtesy". I love dogs, however, irresponsible dog owners...not so much. I have been having to put up with a neighbor's dog a few houses from mine bark incessantly for hours at a time. I am SO annoyed at the lack of courtesy people have for one another. How can someone NOT hear their own dog bark for hours while they are home and number two...why do they let it go on and on and on? We used to raise dogs, I had one who I loved dearly for years. She never did that...ever. I am at my wits end as Animal Control just tells me to file a complaint. I do not want neighbor issues, I just want the dog to shut up. I'm caught between a bark and a bark!!! :) Loud noises in my city are everywhere...loud dogs, loud cars, loud kids...I need to find 80 acres, put a 12ft fence up and sound proof my house!!!'s not that hard, really it's not. Do unto others.....How would you like for me to get a fog horn and blow it for hours at your bedroom window while you are trying to sleep or at your fence when you are trying to carry on a conversation with someone. No difference. Peace...I hope!