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Our Time - Book

Our Time_resized

For those of you who know me, you know my passion is in empowering others to overcome, to succeed, to see the best in themselves and to reach the highest levels in whatever they choose to undertake. I have been on a journey of my own for 57 years now and have made the decision to continue on the path that empowers me…empowering others. In writing my own Memoir, I am making myself vulnerable to criticism and to judgement, but I feel that helping others outweighs my own ego. I hope by reading it, that it helps those who have suffered at the hands of others to realize that they, too, can overcome. The book was not written to hurt anyone. It is about MY truth, MY experience, MY life and MY struggles. It is also about the small victories I have had during my healing journey. My hope is that whoever chooses to read it will gain strength from it and realize that abuse can happen to anyone. They are not alone and did not deserve it or cause it. Mostly, I want people to know…that it is NOT your fault. I am proud to say that I am a survivor. Some days it is still one breath at a time, but I am breathing still. The book is called “Our Time” and is available on Amazon. Please share it with anyone who is hurting. It does have adult content in it, so beware. My wish is to have a positive impact on those who have been abused and to empower the survivors to stop the cycle that continues. We must step out of the circle and say “no more”. 

Our Time_resized  is available on Go to Amazon, type in books, type in Tammy Stamps and 2 books will appear. One is paperback and one is an E-Book. Adult content.

Buy this at Amazon

Just log on to Amazon, type in Books and then type in Tammy Stamps. This book is available as an E-Book or a Paperback.

Let It Go - CD - Singles

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I Know You're There
Let It Go
My Son
Where I'm Goin'
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Tammy Stamps CD "FREE"

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