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The Body

Our bodies are amazing aren’t they? They take our abuse, our self-loathing for not being skinny enough, tall enough, pretty enough and they take our “take for granted” attitude and still keep it’s attention on keeping us alive and breathing. At the end of the day or the end of our lives, our bodies remain

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Today, I find myself feeling gratitude for all that surrounds me…another breath, another chance to do better, another moment to cherish. I logged on to my website this weekend to make a few changes and logged off feeling proud of myself, until I wanted to share the site with someone hours later only to realize

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Posted by Tammy Stamps Ahhh…that is what I said after I completed my list of things to do today that I fretted about last night. I fretted enough that I had adrenaline in my chest. Stupid things, things that really were not life changing. I tried to talk my body into listening to my mind,

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