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Today caused reflection for me about my past. It caused me to reflect on what is right with this world and what is wrong. Sometimes I don’t feel like I belong in this world of ours. My views are so different from what is happening all around me. I spoke with Animal Control today about a dog that lives in the neighborhood, who constantly barks, non stop for hours at a time. They informed me that I needed to go the house where the dog is, leave a note on their door or talk to them first. Really????  The last people I did that with retaliated promptly and I had 7 years of horror. I can file a complaint and if they fight it, they will have my name and address…why is it that those of us who are considerate, don’t have barking dogs, screaming kids or loud cars are the ones who have to suffer because of someone else who doesn’t care about having courtesy for those around them? Why is it when I filed charges against my father for 43 years of abuse that the investigator told me that “my dad was twisted, but he was a good man”, what is happening in our world today? It seems to me that right is wrong and wrong is right. I am frustrated with the backwardness of it all. Soon to find peace….